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When doing anything for you business you want to make sure you know your timeline and the timeline of those you are working with. If the timelines are off, then everything else could follow. This is not ideal for any business, especially when starting out.

Our Timeline

We needed the cards for a technology event and the business in general. But were hoping they would make it in time for the event we were attending (they didn’t). This created slight panic and the need for very quick thinking.

Their Timeline

The printing company stated the cards would take 5-8 business days. They were ordered on Monday and we didn’t get them until the following Tuesday. So, they were in their appropriate window for delivery. This made it frustrating because we really needed them to be delivered as soon as possible! This was our error and we needed to come up with a solution.

The Solution

The way we went about this was to make a rush print at FedEx (at 7:30am) and cut them out ourselves. They many not have been perfectly sized or laid out, but that was all we had time for. Luckily, this solution worked out for the event we attended.

Lessons Learned

Don’t go off the earliest day in their timeline and expect them to conform to your needs. We also realized that business is about getting what needs to be done, done. Thankfully we were able to think quickly and make our cards just in time!

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