For this project, we…

  • Built an internal employee advancement program (employee hierarchy and awarding system)
  • Re-organized the employee scheduling
  • Created a clear verbal and visual identity (“re-branding”)
  • Designed the menu
  • Outlined marketing activities for the next year
  • Built a social media presence and online community
  • Created a presentational website (design, development)
  • Wrote blog posts
  • Established B2B sales procedures
  • Designed a client loyalty system

About Espressee

Created and owned by Balint Szabo, holder of the 1st Class SCAE Certificate (look it up, it’s pretty impressive), Espressee is a concept coffee shop located in Sibiu, Romania.

Together with his partner, Camelia – another coffee Passionist, Balint has created a business where quality is required. His love for coffee means he provides only the best for his customers. They are so confident in their product that they describe their espressos as “God Shots” (a barista term for the perfect coffee infusion).

The biggest challange:
the Menu

For a coffee-shop the Menu is the most important piece of the Branding exercise,
together with the interior design, the entrance and, of course, the coffee.
We put a lot of effort in creating the almost perfect menu for Espressee.

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