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We often say to our clients: “Branding is everywhere! Everything we do can be branding if we really want it.” The same idea applies in our reality. We see Branding in every little detail, simply because branding is something so natural, so handy that you just need to be true to yourself and… it’s happening.  Today, our example is the Banana.

The name –

There is no better example of a sunny and warm verbal identity. “Banana” has the right amount of soft consonants and open vowels. When you say it, it almost makes your attitude positive.

The packaging –

banana_brandingGod has created one of the coolest fruit shells in the world. Easy to open, unless you start from the stem (by the way that’s not the way to open a banana). You don’t need any tool but your hands. You can even eat it without washing your hands. That is User Experience wonderland. A banana peeling is the most interesting thing on earth.

The social media –

I don’t know who is responsible for all banana’s PR, but the Reddit trend of “banana for scale” was pure genius. How can somebody can think of that? Earned social media and intentional “virality” already has its Queen, and she’s not Emma Watson.

The kinkiness –

Of course, it would have been the “safer” choice to avoid this aspect of a banana. But, as a brand strategist, that would have been an unpardonable omission. The challenge now is to express it without offending anyone (within reason). Another very good exercise from The Banana.

In order to really understand all the branding knowledge a banana possesses, we have to talk about “Dirty Banana”.  We can avoid the majority of the outcry by setting up the conversation as two people that are so in love with each other that all the cliches in the world just add up to the romanticism. In their world, there is no taboo or dirty. It’s just them and their passion for each other’s soul. No, the banana is just another simple part of their erotic life.

See? How much brand power lies in a simple banana?

What do you think?


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