What is Brandacadabra?

A branding agency located in Chicago, comprised of experienced and passionate individuals that want to partner with you to create a brand that is unique, strong, and alive.

At Brandacadabra, we reveal your true passion, pair it with ours, and create a brand larger than us both.

Using magic, not tricks.

Partner with Us

We’re looking for passionate people who want to work with us to create something magical.

Experience the Magic

See what we can create using pure passion, devotion, and a little bit of magic dust.

Create, Grow and Evolve your Brand

Build something that will help your company soar beyond your wildest dreams.

Our Services


We believe branding is everything that a company does. So, from graphic design to complex client retention programs, you can just “do” them or you can put Magic into everything your brand “breathes”.


Is the part in which we don’t show you where to go simply because we’ve never been there ourselves. Instead we partner up and guide you during Your Journey. There are no algorithms, just previous experiences, knowledge and instinct.

Premium Development

Premium stands for both a fair price and high quality. Our offshore Romanian team is one of the most sophisticated and complex in terms of capabilities. We take pride in them and their ability to code our Magic.

Content Wizards

Either in text, video or visual we strive to use our Power of Idea Materialization. Ideas are almost always just “cute” sparkling thoughts. We’ve learned to make them a reality. Still magical, but with a “you can feel them” recipe.

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