Everyone shies away from the car salesmen type sales approach. They follow you around and badger you while looking at the cars. This leaves you feeling like your privacy has been invaded and guilty because they spend so much time helping you.

The Brandacadabra way is nothing like thisThe Brandacadabra way is nothing like this.

When working with Brandacadabra, you will be based on passion. We don’t want you to worry about money or selling you everything we offer. We want your passion and dedication to your company to be the main factor. If you don’t have the passion for your company, product or service, we will not be the right fit for you.

How do we know if you have the passion?

We will know! Those with the passion can’t stop or shut it off. They will be very involved with what they are trying to accomplish. We have the passion too, and we want to work with those with just as much passion as us. Having this passion keeps you going if the money and success is not there right away.

How can we help if you don’t have the money?

There are many different things we are able to do for this. If finances are tight, there are ways of helping us out and “paying” us without money. This could be by promoting us to others or helping us get our passion out there. This will be a case by case basis. But our main goal is to find passionate people, even if money is tight.

We don’t want to focus on the money and worth of your company, we want to work with those that are passionate. We believe that if you have the passion and dedication, the success will come.

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