A little history about me, I finished school in May of 2016. A few weeks later I found a job as a client principal at a web agency. Before I could start working there, I had to move from Lincoln, NE, all the way to Chicago, IL. I worked at this agency for about four months before the company decided to go down a different path. So, to recap, I am a recent grad that moved to the big city, lucky for me, I was given the opportunity to start a branding agency and become the COO. You just never know where life will take you.

Taking a Leap of Courage or Craziness

When being young and naïve, you think if you jump and every time you jump, you will land on your feet. Sure, this may happen every once in awhile but there are many times we shake off those missteps and ignore them. So, when taking the leap of starting your own venture with good people by your side at the age of 22, it is still one crazy thing to do. You can see it as being an act of courage, wow, how brave I must be for dropping that “work for the man” life and turning to the unstable life of entrepreneurship. The courage equates to craziness in most peoples eyes.

Seeing the Other Side of Reality

A constant paycheck to some is very predictable, the longer I think of how that will be going away, only sends panic though my mind and body. Most of my friends are stepping out of school for the first time, the adventure is alive, they are not sure where they will be in five years, but their foundation is being set. I then look at myself, and I see an even more unpredictable path that will throw me on a completely different course. There is a foundation being built but by myself, no company to lean on, no climbing the corporate ladder and no water cooler talk.

Boss, who? Boss, Me!

BossGetting the chance to spread my wings and fly is something I didn’t see coming for another 10 years. I have always wanted to own my own company but never knew what it would be. This opportunity gives me that freedom, but also the responsibility. I need to know everything about the business, not just marketing, sales, management and accounting, but all of them, and more! This is where my eyes widen and I think “should have kept my notes from class.” Being naïve, I dove right in, but now, I see how much truly is on me.

Bad Market or Bad Business

A lot gets blamed on the market when companies see ups and downs, but what if the market is perfectly fine, then the excuse leans to being bad business. How long do we “struggle” or fight the market before we call it quits? Being naïve I know I would stay longer and settle for less, but what about “working smarter, not harder?” I am young and hungry and I know it will be hard to turn my back on something I helped start, but looking to my future I need to stay realistic.

The End and New Beginning

Even being the young, scared, naïve person I am, I am ready for thechallenges I will face. I need to feel the frustration and possible failure; I need to understand the reality of having your life fully on your own shoulders. Most of the future is very unpredictable for me and that uncertainty is always keeping me on my toes. This experience will give me great knowledge and shake me from my naïve wildness. Even with the fear and uncertainty fueling me, I still think having some form of forever naivety will benefit me, but that may just be me, being naïve.

I understand the risk of owning a business and that failure is very possible. But I was given an opportunity that just can’t be placed to the side. For me, it is time to dream as big as possible and let all of the fears encourage me to try my very best. I have already moved across the country, got a job and lost it, and now looking to start a new company. There is no time for small dreams!

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