You go to college expecting to learn everything you need to know when you leave. More often than not, you leave feeling lost or underprepared for the real world. I graduated with a degree in Marketing and Management with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. So, starting a branding agency should be a perfect representation of the education I received, unfortunately, that is not always the case.

3 things that helped me

True Stories

I was able to learn the true stories and real experience. We were exposed to a lot of start-ups and entrepreneurs. They were willing to share their successes and failures; this was a great opportunity to learn from their mistakes. This has helped me understand what it would be like to start a business and how the beginning would not be all that smooth.

Marketing Basics

I was able to learn the brief basics of marketing; this has helped me keep my mind focused when understanding what it is we need to do for the branding agency. We learned about the overall aspects and even smaller skills like social media platforms.


When going to school, you learn how to talk and introduce the company you are working for or have created. This is going to be extremely helpful when talking about the new branding agency and getting other people to be interested in the company as well.

3 things that I wish I learned

Tools UsedI Wish I Learned

When looking at careers and being in the real world, I didn’t realize I would have to have such a high understanding of the tools being used. I needed to learn how to use project management software like Wrike, website software, in particular WordPress and even social media platforms in the business realm.


I was in marketing classes, but colleges are behind when it comes to branding. They have one to two classes available but they are more marketing focused than anything. This puts me behind the curve when relating to branding and understanding what is going on in the field.

Extra Knowledge

I focused on marketing and management, when going to the real world, I was taught coding, became a writer/editor and also photo editing. School does not have the means to teach you all of these fields and most of the time, you won’t use these skills, but it is something I could have learned earlier or in school.

There is only so much college classes can teach you and I understand that. I appreciate what I was exposed to and enjoyed learning as much as possible, but there are a few things I wish I could have been exposed to. Being in the real world, I will be a forever learner and I know, that is what is needed.

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